Route Elevation

The +/-80km route this year is the same as previous years.  It’s the same route because there is no other navigable route from Leopards Hill to Chiawa (a bush road through remote hills where even the charcoal burners and random goats fail to appear).  Also because if you follow the road, keep right when you see a fork or T junction and use your brakes to stop you taking the unnavigable route over the edge of the escarpment, you will not get lost.  We like that.  And we also like downhill.  Check out the freewheeling below.  We reckon that if you get a ceramic bearing upgrade on your hubs from Jaco at Lucycle Parts; and you are very light on the brakes going downhill, you may even be able to carry enough momentum to take you over ‘The Mother’ at the 40k mark all the way to the end!!

I know Matt tried that tactic last year but someone put a rut in the road and it stopped all his momentum.  Please avoid the ruts.  There are many and some as deep as the MMDs division.  You do not want to go there!!

If you end up emotional and injured in a deep division we will have a basic medic kit to patch you up but my advice is to rather not test our medic skills as we are primarily mountain bikers and not mountain rescue!!  The last time someone needed stitches on a ride we simply used some wet wipes and duct tape to get them home.   If you have the technical ability to go downhill faster than the Zim economy but your bike fails we will have a Lucycle Parts sponsored vehicle on the route sweeping and offering mechanical services.

Make sure you have enough water and food to take you at least 40km.  For the average rider this is 3 hours in the saddle.  There will be 2 water points at 20km and 40km at the top of The Mother.  If you run out in-between you can always look for an amicable elephant and ask him to dig you a hole in a dry river bed….or maybe just carry enough water.

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